Safe Sports Act

UpdatedSunday January 20, 2019 byLYB.

Why is Babe Ruth League requiring leagues to conduct background checks and Abuse Prevention Training?

It has become the standard among youth organizations to require volunteers working with children to complete a background check. The purpose of the required background check is to deter individuals who should not be working with young athletes from applying to volunteer. Additionally, it serves to identify any unsuitable criminal history of those individuals who do apply as a volunteer. Babe Ruth League, Inc. cares about the protection of your players and feels confident that through your leadership as League President, as well as that of your local league's Board of Directors, we can achieve our goal of making Babe Ruth League, Inc. the safest program in which our youth can enjoy the great games of baseball and softball. In addition, in February 2018, a Federal law “Safe Sports Act” was sign into law requiring volunteers to take abuse prevention training. With the help of Sports Engine we have worked to incorporate the training pieces into the background check program they offer to streamline the process for the volunteer and our leagues.

Lakeside Youth Baseball  upholds these same standards.

The safety, protection and the well-being of our young players should always be our top priority. We have a responsibility to recruit the most qualified adults to serve as managers, coaches, and other types of volunteers, to ensure our players are able to enjoy a fun and educational experience. In addition, parents trust their children will be safe while participating in your league and your league cannot be successful without the confidence of the parents. We also have a responsibility to protect individuals and the local league from possible loss of league assets or financial hardships that result from litigation. Advancements in technology and the accessibility of information have made screening and background checks the norm and a much-needed resource to determine the competency and safety of prospective volunteers. Babe Ruth League is an organization serious about protecting children. Together, we can make Babe Ruth League, Inc. one of the safest programs in which our youth can enjoy the games of baseball and softball