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Lakeside's History

Lakeside Youth Baseball was established in 1954 at it's current location in the northwestern section of Henrico County in Virginia, near Richmond. Lakeside Youth Baseball is a non-profit organization providing a wonderful baseball opportunity to every child, regardless of race, sex, or religion.

At Lakeside Youth Baseball our focus is on youth baseball, family, and team spirit. Our objective is to implant firmly in the children of the community the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, and respect for authority.

We believe in doing this so our youth may be well-adjusted, strong and happy, and will grow to be good, decent, healthy, trustworthy citizens.

We are located near the intersections of Lakeside Avenue and Hilliard Road. We are physically located at the end of Club Road, right next to the Belmont Golf Course. you can reach the fields by following Lakeside Avenue to Spruce Street, then onto Club Road, or you can take Brook Road to Hilliard Road, then left onto Club Road

Lakeside Youth Baseball - 60 Years

In the mid 90's Lakeside Youth Baseball changed from Little League to Babe Ruth and still remains. Over the years to come Lakeside Youth Baseball has had players, parents and board members come and go. However, the love of the game was always there and a chance to enrich the lives of the youth was always a top priority. 

From 1954 to present there have been 27 hurricanes and countless tornadoes spotted in Virginia. In September 2003 the most devastating of hurricanes since the 1960s hit Virginia. Hurricane Isabel and a spotted 13 tornadoes caused millions in damage and destroyed Lakeside Youth Baseball complex along with much of the city and surrounding areas. With water reaching over 20 feet at the complex there was nothing left. 

Once Lakeside Youth Baseball recovered from Isabel, another storm was brewing. In August 2004 Tropical Storm Gaston hit and delivered another devastating blow to Lakeside Youth Baseball Complex. With the fall season about to begin the hearts of young children were crushed. The board members at the time with had to come up with a plan. A deal was made with nearby rival, Glen Allen Youth Athletic Association, which allowed Lakeside to continue the fall season at their complex. This goes to prove that rivalry is one thing, but the love for children and the game always comes first.